Airlines cancel thousands of flights after Avery surprises East Coast

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A cancelled flight waits in a snow storm at the Newark Liberty International Airport on November 15, 2018 in Newark, New Jersey. The early season storm caused flight cancellations throughout the northeast United States. 

Airlines cancelled over 1,900 flights around the country after winter storm Avery hit the Northeast stronger than expected with up to a foot of snow on Thursday.

According to flight-tracking site, a total of 2,608 flights flying in or out of the United States were cancelled Thursday and Friday. An additional 12,500 flights were delayed over the two days.

American Airlines said it cancelled nearly 600 flights on Thursday due to northeast weather, and Southwest said it cancelled more than 200 flights over two days. Delta said it cancelled 371 flights on Thursday and 106 flights on Friday, and United said it cancelled 180 flights.

Airlines including Delta, United, Southwest and Spirit waived change fees for passengers traveling through some East Coast airports.

New York airports were hit the hardest, with Newark Liberty International Airport and LaGuardia topping the list of airports with the most-cancelled flights. Over 230 flights were cancelled at Newark on Thursday.

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