Alien news: ‘Rod-shaped object’ BIGGER than Earth spotted moving past sun

A MYSTERIOUS object bigger than Earth has been spotted moving past the sun, according to wild claims online.

The strange figure was spotted by YouTube conspiracy theorist The Grimreefar last Wednesday (December 5).

The unexplained object was found using Helioviewer – a website which allows you to look at the sun in real time.

In the video, a strange line can be seen hovering near the sun’s surface.

Using the website’s earth scale for context, it is clear the bright white shape is much larger than our planet.

Upon further inspection, the object cannot be explained away as the YouTube conspirator alters the image’s exposure and lighting.

The object suddenly disappears, seemingly into thin air, leaving nothing but darkness surrounding the sun.

Hundreds of people have seen the clip since it was posted yesterday (December 10).

And viewers have been left scratching their heads by the mysterious object floating near to the sun.

BAFFLING: A strange white rod is spotted near the sun (Pic: YOUTUBE/DISCLOSE2THEGRIMREEFAR)

One person wrote: “I’m a well-educated man (believe it or not) but I just can’t wrap my head around how these objects are able to get so close to the sun.”

Another commented: “Whatever it is, it’s impressive.”

A third added: “That horizontal rod is a big one.”

Last month, a theorist spotted what they believed to be a “giant hole” in the sun.

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