Great Pyramid of Giza: Egyptian Pharaoh ‘HIDDEN in secret chamber’

That’s the claim of British historian Matt Sibson.

Khufu was an Egyptian monarch who was the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty. 

He is known to have been the mastermind behind the Great Pyramid of Giza – a structure that was named after him and is located on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt.

Listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the huge structure dates back to roughly 2,570BC, according to the history books. 

“Maybe there is a second set of chambers that could lead to the body of Khufu”

Matt Sibson

But there may be a secret chamber inside the huge building that has evaded archaeologists for thousands of years. 

Matt claims to have made a bombshell discovery on the brickwork of this huge complex.

“I was reading a paper on the geology of the stones when I noticed something abnormal,” he revealed to Daily Star Online exclusively.

“There are three different types of stones: The casing stone – which has now all disappeared and two types of core masonry.

“One of them is made up of triangle shapes on each side, which go up to the 19th floor.

HIDDEN: Could Khufu still be in the Great Pyramid? (Pic: GETTY)

“On the north side, the top of the triangle marks the doorway to the Great Pyramid

“But there are also these same blocks on the west, east and south.”

And Matt, from Leicester, thinks the marking directly parallel to the main entrance is the one that sticks out the most.

He explained to Daily Star Online: “On the west side it is the most prominent and it looks out of place – so I think it is hiding another entrance to the pyramid.

“So maybe they made a tomb and took away the staircase at a later date. 

“The Bent Pyramid [in Dahshur] has the same structure – one entrance on the north and one of the west.”

And Matt revealed how Khufu – who’s body has never been found – could be hiding inside the pyramid named after him.

“Herodotus – who was an ancient Greek historian – wrote that Khufu is actually buried in the Great Pyramid,” he added.

“So if there is another entrance, then he could be buried in there somewhere.

“Maybe there is a second set of chambers that could lead to the body of Khufu.”

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